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"Real Life Quotes
from Bobby's Clients"

I never knew he cared so much until now. 12/6/2011
When I had my reading with you last year you kept telling me how my friend Mike really cares about me. Mike and I haven't spoken in 3 years since I threw him out. Mike died last month. His lawyer sent a letter that Mike has left me his home. I guess he really could not stop the drinking but now I know he really cared. Thank you Mr Brust. When I move in I would like another reading. I will call Ann make an appointment

Thank you! 12/6/2011
Thank for offering GIFT CERTIFICATES. I love sharing your gift

Wow !! This man has a true gift ! 12/5/2011

I had a telephone reading today with Bobby ... Wow !!  This man has a true gift !  But not only that ... he is a very nice man as well.    

Several loved ones came through and I had to laugh at just how much was hit on, it was uncanny  .. and not only in relation to myself but to my children as well... The overall message I was being given was clear... a message which  underlined something I had been feeling...  and one which I guess I had better get on with....  

I have always recognized the after life and felt the presence of dear ones ... I am so grateful for Bobby and his ability to pass their messages along with such clarity..

Thank you Bobby... I look forward to speaking with you another time.. SM, British Columbia, Canada, Phone Reading

THANK YOU 8/12/2011
I LOVE YOU, is the first thing I want to say to Bobby and THANK YOU.  This was my first reading with a medium - I have had a reading with a metaphysical healer who channelled in our spirit guides.  Everything that Bobby said about my Sammi was so RIGHT... I never EVER DOUBTED this GREAT MAN...WHO HAS A WONDERFUL GIFT!!!! I will cherish every thing you said for the rest of my life and I WILL CALL BACK like I promised in 2 months. I am sorry to say Bobby I haven't been living up to my end of the things that Sammi wants but I am trying each day. I wish we lived closer. You sound like a wonderful gentleman that I know I could and would be honored to call my friend. Please hug Ann for me, and , if by chance,  Sammi stops by to you, tell her I love her and I am trying.. Until we talk again..Your friend for life: Cookie aka TC, CA, Phone Reading

A 100% accurate reading 7/19/2011

I just had another great reading with Bobby... all of the major stuff was spot on but there were a couple of little things that I could not figure out. Something about a bowl, someone eating burgers and the name David. Well, my daughter came home an hour later from vacation and had the most beautiful bowl for me from her trip, she met a guy named David and they had burgers!!! WOW! A 100% accurate reading! I lost my son Justin 34 weeks ago and Bobby really does have contact with him and lets me know that Justin is watching us with things he has no way of knowing. Bobby also spoke to my 14 year old son who has been having some trouble since the passing of his brother and really helped him out and has turned him into a believer who now feels his big brother is with him. I cannot even tell you the love and admiration I have for Bobby. No words can ever describe the change and the comfort he has brought to my life after losing my beautiful son. Thank you, Bobby, I am blessed to know you! Bonnie PA, Phone Reading

I was nearly speechless by the time he had finished 6/8/2011
Bobby Brust is a wonderful human being. I have been a 'believer' in the afterlife and psychic
phenomena for many years, but Bobby was able to connect me with so many lost loved ones I was
nearly speechless by the time he was finished. Bobby kept telling me I was lucky - had been 
and would continue to be. I guess he's right. I have to be a lucky person to have met up with 
a soul like Bobby. Keep doing what you do, Bobby...and bless you.  D. Mc. Michigan, Phone Reading

Bobby has an awesome gift. I am well pleased with my reading. 6/8/2011
I am so at peace after my reading with Bobby. Before the reading, I concentrated on what I 
wanted my daughter to mention - the heart shaped locket I had on, my deceased granddaughter, 
the two rapes that led to her depression and ultimate suicide, and the Wizard of Oz (her 
favorite all-time movie). Bobby brought out all 4 of these without any prompting. My father 
and grandfather also came through with accurate information. One thing I couldn't relate to 
was the name Dennis or Denise or something that sounded like that, and then he went to 
motorcycles. I couldn't make a connection. After the reading I was telling my son and husband 
about this. My husband said "Motorcycle Mama". My husband's grandmother (named Bernice) rode 
on a motorcycle on one of her later birthdays, and we all called her "Motorcycle Mama" until 
her death. He also mentioned the name Susan. I couldn't connect with that. After the call, it 
came to us, my daughter didn't like her name when she was 4 years old and wanted us to call her 
Susan. For about 3 months she wouldn't answer to anything but Susan. Two days before the 
reading my son and I were talking about my daughter and the name Susan. My son's daughter had 
an imaginary friend that she called Susan. He also said my daughter has 2 namesakes. One of 
my granddaughters has my daughters first name as a middle name and the other granddaughter has 
my daughter's middle name as her middle name. Many more things brought up were right on. Bobby 
has an awesome gift. I am well pleased with my reading. M.P. Ohio, Phone reading.

...your readings for me have helped me move forward... 6/5/2011
I know I have sang your praises before Bobby but I am going to do it again!! Since I lost my
son Justin 27 weeks ago your readings for me have helped me moved forward. You gave me the 
strength to start an amazing support group on Face Book called Loss of an Adult or Young 
Adult Child which has grown HUGE and we also have guest speaker chats every Friday night 
which help many and soon I will be having a radio show about child loss. Every day new 
people and new losses join my group and there is so much pain involved in child loss. I 
send people to you all of the time and after their amazing readings I see a change in them 
right away. You are a wonderful, loving human being and I adore you!! Thank you for helping 
so many of us with your wonderful gift from G-d. I pray for you daily and love you always... 
(((Hugs)))BR, PA Phone Reading


...his responses were thoughtful, clear, and, by and large, uncanny. 4/22/2011

As a stereotypical skeptic, I had many doubts when I made an appointment with Bobby a few weeks ago. The reviews, of course, were stellar, but, then again, why would the website post them if they weren't? And even if they were somewhat legitimate, what hope did I have at having my questions about life answered? Thankfully, though, it turned out that my doubts and fears at having wasted my money were ill-warranted.

Not only was Bobby kind enough to carry on with a phone session despite my terrible phone connection, but his responses were thoughtful, clear, and, by and large, uncanny. At one point, Bobby mentioned a name which, for whatever reason, I could not identify but, when I did just moments ago, I almost screamed with shock. I now feel much more at peace with my situation and feel very confident about my future with and that of one whom I love. Thank you Bobby for giving me hope again! You are the best.       WM    Wash. D.C. Phone Reading

We are all grieving parents and Bobby helps us more then I can ever say... 4/19/2011
I have had many amazing readings with Bobby. I believe he saved my life. I send all of my friends to Bobby and they are nothing short of thrilled!! Never has anyone been let down!!! We are all grieving parents and Bobby helps us more then I can ever say...B.R. PA Phone Reading 

ME...THANK YOU BOBBY.  L.B.  NY Phone Reading

This man changed my life, he gave my extreme grief some comfort. 4/6/2011
I've been psychic my entire life and I know how it "works" -- you get images and a static sort of information and you have to trust it, sort through it, and then just throw it out there. In my case, it's been a personal experience although I did for a time do readings for people. When I talked to Bobby, I recognized the process as he went through for me and my daughter, who went into spirit this past March 2. I've watched many so-called psychic mediums and only one appeared close to genuine to me (but I never spoke to him myself). Bobby is genuine. He said some things that were amazing, including describing an elaborate native American dream catcher (a gift from my daughter) that I was standing next to and not even looking at! A few things became clearer to me after the phone call, especially one where he went from "something about the movies" to "POPCORN"; after the call, I realized that Popcorn was my daughter's first Lovebird, she raised it by hand herself. He called back a few minutes after our original hour long conversation to validate yet one more thing he could possibly never have known. I wish I could talk to him again soon but I don't like to be a burden to people. This man changed my life, he gave my extreme grief some comfort. He validated my own beliefs about life and death. I think my precious daughter is safe and well now, free of her suffering, in the company and safe arms of some people I loved very much who have passed over. Don't be afraid to talk to Bobby, put aside your skepticism (it blocks the reader's ability), open your minds and hearts. This man could be making millions -- do you realize some of these psychic mediums charge $300 an phone call?? Yet he doesn't, his gift is genuine and it will give you comfort to know your loved one will be there waiting for you when your time to go into spirit arrives. Jill, NY Phone reading

He was so RIGHT about every little detail. 2/5/2011
Bobby gave me the first peace my soul has had in the then 8 weeks since my son's passing. He was so RIGHT about every little detail. Even knew what both of my grandfathers did for a living. He told me so much that only Justin could know. Even if someone searched up everything about me on the web they would never know the things Bobby did!!! Bobby contacted me the other day about a heath concern I was having and told me to get the results and do as the doctors say and sure enough I got brave and called for results and everything was fine! He even said my son said I was out of dish soap and sure enough I went to look and I was!! LOL! I Love Bobby so much, he lets me know my son is still around me. I am at the 10 week mark now and do not know if I would have made it without Bobby. I owe him my life because I was really ready to follow my son to be sure he was safe. I now consider Bobby a friend and someone who I can turn to when my need to hear from Justin overwhelms me. I now know I can know Justin is safe and sound without following after him to see. My family and I owe Bobby so much gratitude everyone could see the change in me after speaking to Bobby! I have had silly readings by others whom I simply do not trust and just gave me general statements. Bobby gives DETAILS!! Bobby is FOR REAL!!! I now BELIEVE!!!! I still grieve, I still hurt but I now believe in a heaven above and know that my precious son is in it! All thanks to Bobby!!  Bonni, PA Phone Reading

Reassuring Words 6/7/2010
Bobby's ability to connect with my mother was incredible. Bobby brought (through) specific details that no one could have known besides my mom who has been gone 15 years. Bobby is compassionate, spot on, and very personable. He was so accurate that I told him more than once, okay now I need to sit down!! I would highly recommend a reading to anyone. His reassuring words, " Your mom has been with you from the day she left and she will be until the day you see her again," gave me a priceless calm. Based on the recent things she saw and relayed through Bobby there's no question she is overseeing my life. THANK you Bobby!!  RDM, NJ Phone Reading

Only Thing you take with you is the LOVE...... 5/10/2010

I have had a few reading's with Bobby and I am having another on May 22nd 2010...

When I lost my fiance' of 13 years on Sept. 14th 2007, my cousin Dona called Bobby. (It was) the night of Phil's death, and I was distraught. Bobby returned our call the next evening. As I sat with my daughter, my granddaughter and my mother, listening to what Bobby said, we were all amazed at the message that Bobby brought through. My daughter wrote as I cried and listened. Bobby was driving far away and pulled over to the side to talk to us. He told me at that time that it might be to soon for Phil to come through, but it wasn't. I think even Bobby was shocked that Phil came through as fast as he did. Bobby told us of Phil's accident; were he died, how he died, and many, many other details of what would enfold after his death, which all happened. Bobby gave me specific details of events that would happen, and messages from Phil which brought me some comfort knowing he was ok, he was in shock that the accident happened but he was ok.

Bobby is an amazing man with the gift that God gave him. I have had numerous signs from Phil including a dead, broken, not charged in 3 1/2 years, old cell phone which rang with a text message from 1010000, (101)  was Phil's boat racing number for 30 years, the cell phone had a message upside down and backward, and when we held it up to the mirror it said "I AM HERE" .  Bobby has given me so many messages from Phil which were so comforting and made me realize that they never leave us, our loved ones are still all around us, even after death...and the only thing you take with you when you go is the ~LOVE THAT IS IN YOUR HEART FOR ONE ANOTHER~ I know that one day we will all be reunited again with our loved ones, thanks to the messages brought to us by Bobby Brust!!!  Phil's other Half - S., Pomona, NY

Bobby is a truly blessed and gifted man!!!!!! We lost our daughter 2 yrs. ago last month. This is the second reading my wife and I have had with Bobby.  We were so blown away by the information he gave us in our first reading that we had to have another one. There were some troubling questions we had that were haunting us, not about our daughter, but some other close family members that passed away. Through Bobby our daughter told us every answer to every question we had. He gave us names and information that nobody knew but my daughter about the people we inquired about. He actually told us, " don't give me names". He came up with not only the names, but the relationships these people had with my daughter, my wife, and myself. Bobby settled so many unsettled, unanswered questions we have had in the past. He did it with such compassion. This man is without a doubt a "one of a kind" human being with a gift of counseling people that I have never seen in my 62 years. Believe me, Bobby is the real deal and he tells it like it is. Thank you again Bobby for the peace of mind and tranquility you have given my wife and I. You have put so many troubling questions to rest for us. Also thank you for spending an hour on the phone with us in your busy schedule. I'm sure you've heard the old expression, "what goes around, comes around!"  Well I hope all the good you're doing for people comes around back to you 1,000 times over. God bless and keep you well. Tommy & Lorraine, Wappingers Falls, NY  (Phone) 

Reading Was Right On Target 7/20/2009
Thank you so much for last night Bobby.  All of our reading was right on target.  The piece of  mind that you brought us was unbelievable.  You answered all of our questions and hit on some very private things that only we would be able to validate.  We loved how down to earth you were and everyone had a great time and recieved answers to questions we had been wondering about for a long, long time.  For me, you confirmed what I already knew........Our angels are ALWAYS with us!  Thank you so, so, so much and -  Peace be with you always! CCK, Wappingers Falls, N.Y

WOW..WOW..WOW, 3/31/2009
All I can say is... WOW. I am still in shock, and yet I am so relieved to hear what he had told me.  My 19yr old daughter "Katie" was killed in a car accident back on Nov 17th, I was desperate to talk to him to find out some answers to my questions, needless to say after he was done (with) my reading, where he asks if there's anything I would like to ask... my mind went a total BLANK. So that will NOT be the last time I talk to him. I am so amazed that I am making another appointment to talk to him again...And I CAN'T wait. I felt so warm inside after talking to him, he brought me a lil peace inside, just to know that shes o.k.. And Katie was the first one to reach out to me.. WOW..WOW..WOW, just what I wanted.. Love You Bobby, take care, and God bless you. Talk to you soon. Michelle Schoenagel, Florida (Phone reading)

Appreciate All Your Help 1/9/2009
Thank you for the reading I had with you last night. My sister Toni and our friend Patty, as well as I, appreciate all your help with all our questions about the communications we were getting on our own. Because of you we now know exactly what we were dealing with and will definitely listen to you and no longer communicate on our own. Thank you for not thinking we were crazy.  (Because you know we are crazy- lol)  Will speak with you very soon. Nancy, Long Island, NY (Phone Reading)

Thank You Bobby 11/12/2008
Hi Bobby, As always we had a great evening with you. Our friends were so happy to hear from their loved ones and seemed to find peace in their hearts after speaking with you. You made today easier for all, and for that I thank you for making the time to make a long trip to come to our home. Thank you Bobby, stay well and god bless you. Nancy, Karen, Kelly, and friends from Spotswood, N.J.

He brings great comfort 11/5/2008
My family and friends all gathered together waiting for Bobby to come. This was the second reading for some of us and the first reading for the others. He is truly amazing!!! He absolutely hit's everything right on. Even though some of us were already seen by him, he still tells us new things that have happend since we last saw him. He brings great comfort and warmness to our hearts. He is truly AMAZING!!! We can not wait to see him again in march. Thank you Bobby, see ya soon. Nickole, L.E.H.,NJ

He Validated Everything 10/14/2008
My brother was murdered in October 2004 and I was desperate to talk with him to make sure that he was okay.  Bobby was great in being realistic and in connecting with my brother and giving me the peace I needed.  He really made me feel like I had my brother back and could talk to him and renew our connection.
Bobby told me things about the crime scene that only my brother would know - he validated everything that my family had been told about the murder and the evidence.  He was compassionate and really cared about my level of comfort during the reading.  Thank you for helping me to feel better and for helping me to realize that my brother is finally at peace. Jennifer G., White Plains, NY (Phone Reading)

A healing experience for our spirits 10/2/2008

My dad passed away last Aug. 2007, my mom was very depressed. I took her to see Bobby and what a healing experience for our spirits. Bobby told us not only about my father but other family and friends who are on the other side watching over us! Bobby has a true God given gift he uses in the right way to help people. He is the best! He will amaze you with the detail of your visit! Things only we could know about our loved ones Bobby knows from our loved ones communications. Thanks Bobby, God bless you, I will continue to send people so you can help them like you did for us. Paul S., Pine Bush, NY

Forever in your debt 9/26/2008
(We had two readings, March 4, 2008 and Sept. 26, 2008.)   My husband and I lost two children in Sept '07, they died in separate accidents 11 days apart.  During the telephone reading in March he was correct in everything he said; dates, names, places, everything. We still had tremendous sadness, but the peace we had from this first reading lasted a long while. However, we knew we would want to have a personal visit as well.  Again, he was completely accurate with names, dates, people that have passed and those that are still here.  My daughter was very spiritual when she was with us and we knew that if anyone would get through she would, we also hoped she'd bring along her stepbrother.  She did all that and more, they were both talking through Bobby.  I could do this on a weekly basis, but of course I will not.  I am certain there will be another reading in the future.  We believe in the hereafter, but the sense of serenity that comes after a reading, knowing they were both with other loved ones, and being able to communicate with us cannot be explained.  As others have stated Bobby is truly an amazing man and that he is willing to share this gift to help ease the suffering of those that are still alive is a blessing.  We are forever in your debt.  We hope you will always have the peace that you give to others returned to yourself. Thank you, many times over.  Roberta and Jerry, Marlboro, NY  (Phone and in person)

So much to contemplate 9/24/2008
It was truly an unforgettable and wonderful experience.  It has given us so much to contemplate and reflect on.  Bobby is truly a very special and gifted person. Cheryl, John, Stamford, NY

Validation and Reassurance 9/24/2008
I felt reassured and at ease regarding the recent loss of my father as he came through to me and spent the entire reading with me through Bobby.  He was so accurate with names, settings, and dates.  I did no asking, he spoke without any prompting.  I am looking forward to another visit as the validation and reassurance received was more than comforting. The communication with my dad left chills going up my spine, a feeling I only knew through description and yesterday was the first time I ever felt it, ever in my entire life. A.W., Cairo, NY

I feel that she is with me 9/18/2008

I have never felt more at peace than I did following my reading with Bobby.  For years I wondered if my Grandmother knew about my life and my accomplishments .  She passed when I was eleven years old, and it has bothered me since.  For the first time, I feel that she is with me, watching and is aware of all I do.  Thank you Bobby, for the most amazing experience of my life.  Kristine, Catskill, NY

I got my confirmation 9/11/2008
I was skeptical, but interested in meeting with a psychic ever since my father passed away.  I just wanted confirmation that he is "out there" somewhere looking over us.  I got my confirmation plus SO much more.  I felt invigorated after I left my meeting with Bobby.  It was an amazing experience!  I urge anyone out there who has lost a loved one to do this!  I cannot wait to meet with Bobby again and bring this feeling to my friends by having my own party!  Thank you, Bobby!  Chris Kessler, Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Everyone .... was so impressed 9/7/2008
Once again, everyone in our group session was so impressed with Bobby's readings.  In my session he mentioned family names to me, some of whom I didn't recognize.  That night  I opened my baby book, and there they all were on the family tree page all the way down to the names of my great-great grandparents!   Let me tell you, they weren't common names. They were unique to our Italian heritage.  I was amazed!  C.S., La Grange, NY

God given ability is unbelievable, uncanny! 8/29/2008

My wife and I lost our daughter one year ago this month.  She had just turned 31.  We had many thoughts and questions about where she was, what she was doing, who was she with, was she happy, etc.  I contacted Bobby by email a couple of months ago.  He said he was going "on the road" but that he would call me when he got back.  I knew inside of me for some reason that he would, but I wasn't sure when.  Yesterday I was sitting in my living room chair listening to my ipod, the song, "Ave Maria" came on.  It brought tears to my eyes as well as an empty feeling in my heart.  At that point I asked my daughter to talk to me or give me some sign that she is ok and stays with our family in spirit.  At that exact moment the phone rang.  Guess who it was?  Yes, Mr. Brust.  I don't believe in coincidences, ever.  I know it was my daughter asking Bobby to call.  The next day Bobby called us to set up a phone reading in three days. As he was speaking he was contacted by my daughter.  Up until that point all he knew was that my name was Tommy.  He knew nothing else about me. (But) As he continued to talk he knew my wife's birthday, my daughters birthday, that she had intended to go to school to learn to cut hair.  He knew my mother worked in a school, my father raised homing pigeons in the Bronx, he knew how my daughter died, he knew there was  a new baby just born in my immidiate family, and on, and on, he went, telling, not asking us things that nobody but nobody would know about my family or my daughter.  His God given ability is unbelievable, uncanny! Mr. Brust is the real deal, believe me when I tell you.  He took his time on the phone, didn't rush us through it, kept asking us if we had any more questions,.  He even told us my wife's mothers name and said she was the one who met my daughter when she crossed over to the other side.  He told us of so many of the people she was with.  I always feel my daughters 'presense', but I thought it was just wishful thinking.  Now we know she is with us.  As Bobby said, "You lost your daughter's body, but she is telling me that she is with you so often."  I would like to have one more short reading again with just a few more questions in the future.  I can't even begin to tell you the peace and tranquility Bobby has given us today through my daughter.  Thank you once again Bobby and God bless you and keep you safe.  Tommy, Wappingers Falls, NY   (Phone Reading)  

Amazing and very accurate 8/14/2008

My reading was amazing and very accurate.  It brought tears to my eyes as well as comfort to my heart and mind.  I am looking forward to having another reading in the coming months.  Thank you so much and may God continue to bless you! Tori, Demarest, NJ

Gives us life from death 7/23/2008
Bobby's reading for me was quite unique in that we had a spiritual connection to our similar theatrical families and background. Telling me that my Mom was always with us near our Sunflowers in our living room proved to be a startling awakening .  My extended family was astonished as we each went on to discover that we had surrounded ourselves in our many homes by all types of sunflowers.  There were pictures, house decor, wall plaques, paintings, towels, placemets and entire bathrooms devoted to Sunflower motif.  It was immensely comforting to know my Mom and her Sunflowers were everywhere giving comfort and guidance to each of us in our daily lives.  Bobby is a unique individual who gives us life from death and who can transform a simple little sunflower into a ray of hope. Kathy Renna, Upper Saddle River, NJ

You were terrific!!!! 7/7/2008
My god, you were terrific!!!!  I've been telling everyone (even those who do not believe or are not interested) about my reading.   I lost four family members in a little over one year...I had been getting certain messages and I always wanted to have a reading. I started watching John Edward and thought, I have to do that.  Don't tell John Edward, but I know you're better!!!   Thanks again, and I am getting a group together for another night in N.J. for you!!  MF, East Hanover, NJ

From the first word Bobby said 6/24/2008
My Mother passed away at 64 of Alzheimers.  She was such a happy person, always laughing, and very religious, and I was so afraid when she passed and had her time with God that she would be so confused (humor me) and she wouldn't know what to say. From the first word Bobby said to the last, he was proving to me over and over how happy she is now again. He is a GOD himself! TN, Lake Katrine, NY

A non believer until i meet Bobby 4/24/2008
I was a non believer until I meet Bobby.  My wife had a party and a guest didn't show so I took their place for a reading.  With my father and Grandfather passing away a few years ago I didn't know what to expect when my turn came, and all I have to say is WOW.  Nobody but my father would know the details of what Bobby said. Words can't describe it. For a stranger you felt like a good friend. Thank You.  Russell, Toms River, NJ

Definitely Gifted 4/14/2008
Bobby, I am amazed!  You mentioned names, occupations, initials, events, and hobbies that there is no way you could have known.  You are definitely gifted!  I am honored to have been given the reading.  I was so excited immediately afterward, then later felt the peace of knowing my loved ones are really still with me.  Fortunately, I had paper and a pen to write things down as you were speaking.   When I reread the notes later, even more made sense to me.  Thank you so much for sharing your gift! N., Hurley, NY  (Phone Reading)

A Gift From God 4/1/2008

Bobby, you are truly a gift from God.  Words cannot describe the feeling of peace you have brought to me and my family.  You are amazing !!!!  Thanks, Sharon, Millstone, N.J. (Phone Reading)

I Felt at Peace 3/4/2008
I have had other readings with Bobby and as usual he hits everything right on the mark.  My husband recently passed and I wanted some closure.  Bobby was able to give that and more.  He told me things that only my husband and I knew. After the phone call I felt at peace.  I can't wait for my next reading.  God blessed you and your family with this gift to help others.  Thank you. Michele, Lanoka Harbor, NJ

He's Very Accurate 1/3/2008

I saw Bobby just yesterday, and I'm on an emotional high. It was a last minute thing for me, as I was just told about the reading the day before.  I've heard such positive things about him I just had to go.  I've been to psychics/mediums before, and some were good, and some just plain s---ed. He is the real deal.  I'm booking him to come to my house, and I already have about 6 people that want to come.  He's very accurate in his readings. It's like you can't get enough of him, because he's right on the money. Sue, Summitville, NY

Wonderful Experience 12/10/2007

I spoke to Bobby yesterday on the phone and there are no words to describe this wonderful experience.  I would like to express my thanks to Bobby for his kindness and sharing this extraordinary gift. I received the validation I needed from my loved ones to move forward and confirmed the areas in my life where improvement was needed.
Bobby required no information from me and provided specific dates and names and events to help me communicate with my loved ones. He has  genuine compassion for others and really took time with me to be sure I understood the messages from my family, I had a list of questions and all of them were answered without me even asking. If anything I realize now more then ever we are never alone.
  My advice to anyone getting a reading BE PREPARED  write down names of people in your family....and have a pen and paper handy the information comes so natural to him and at least for me, I was in such SHOCK at the things he knew I was glad I had wrote it down..  My heartfelt Thanks to you Bobby.... Amy Jo, Cohoes, NY  (Phone Reading)

Absolutely Amazed at the Accuracy 11/13/2007

It was truly a pleasure meeting Bobby and getting a reading. I was absolutely amazed at the accuracy of names, dates, and even specific symbols. He clearly gave me information that no one would have known and did so as if I was speaking with an old friend. He is down to earth and humorous and I felt very comfortable in his presence. He has restored a "wholeness" to me that left me when my father passed away. I am much more at peace and have a sense of joy knowing that family members who have passed away are still very much present in all aspects of our lives. Bobby did not rush me through the reading and even took time to answer my questions when my reading was over. I have been to a few other pyschics and mediums but Bobby's abilities clearly surpass them all. Simply put, Bobby is a nice guy with a gift who is willing to share it with other people. Thank You Bobby, for sharing your gift with me. MS, Catksill, NY

Doubts of an Afterlife Disappear 10/24/2007

THANK YOU BOBBY!  I will never get enough of this mans amazing gift.  Things that couldn't possibly be known by anyone but me and my son were known by this man.  My son, Frank, passed away on May 19, 2007, at the age of 27.  All my doubts of an afterlife disappeared ater listening to Bobby.  This man shall truly be blessed for all he does for the brokenhearted. There's no way I could possibly repay him for the peace he has given me.  Lynn, Pt. Pleasant, NJ

100 percent accurate 10/10/2007
It was amazing and I had goose bumps during my reading.  Everything was 100 percent accurate and I had so many loved ones come through to send me a message and acknowledge me.   Bobby is very professional and makes you feel at ease.  During my reading, I felt at peace and it gave me comfort to hear from the people I have lost in my life who meant so much to me.   Bobby has heart & soul.....you can see that in his eyes and he is very compasionate about what he does and the gift God gave him.   I look forward to many more readings  in my future to stay in touch with lost loved ones.   I actually hope to have him down again for another reading as it was very draining as soooo many people came through during my reading and he spent so much time with me.....    I think if you are open to listening you will find peace if you have Bobby try to contact your loved ones.   Everything he said to me was very heart warming and there is NO way he could have known the things he said to me.  Funny how the people we have lost in our lives will communicate with him to get a message to us.
I am very pleased and so happy I had my first medium reading with Bobby......he is the real thing!!!  KW, Browns Mills, NJ

Absolutely Flabbergasted! 7/11/2007
Absolutely, 100% blown away!  I've been to aura readers, and other psychics, but Bobby blows them away.  Two days before I saw him I was in my basement talking (praying) to this religous statue (Infant of Prague)while I was doing the laundry. The statue was my grandmothers and it had been given to me by my aunt (her sister). I'm about to go through some big life changes and was really worried things would not work out well.  At the end of the prayer I asked my grandmother, "If you're really here with me you'll show up to the reading."  In the past I would always think of her and my other grandparents very often. Long story short, after an extremely long reading she showed up and even validated the statue.  Absolutely flabbergasted!  It makes me feel awesome that she's still with me and looking out for me.  My mom went for a  reading after mine and she came back for my mom and brought my grandfather and a great grandfather who lived in Poland years ago.  Thank you God for this man and his tremendous gift.  Thanks bobby, hope to see you again real soon.   Leon Koski, Belleville, NJ

Abundance of Information 6/20/2007
Bobby and I spoke on the phone today, .. the main focus being on our late son, Brian.  It's taken me hours to absorb our conversation, and it will take many more weeks, if not months to completely comprehend everything we discussed, and the abundance of information with which he startled me.
   I am very interested in any appearances that Bobby has scheduled, so that I may attend.  I would not be in the audience for myself so much, but I would like very much to be there to observe when he enriches other's lives and gives them closure, or whatsoever the reason is that they will be there. It would give me great satisfaction and comfort to see another person or their family be able to feel like we do today. 
   Brian was 24 when he passed from a drug overdose on November 10th, 2006, and everyday his father and I have so much trouble dealing with the whole tragedy.  Considering his father is a retired Corrections Officer, who spent 20 years working on Riker's Island, and I am a NYPD Detective, (Ret.), just imagine how even more devastating it was for us, not to immunize or trivialize anyone's death.  But it is still going to be overwhelmingly difficult to keep going on, yet Bobby has made it just so much easier, and given us a portion of the clarity we sought in understanding about what is going on in our lives now.
I don't even know how to begin to thank him.  Bobby will always be in my thoughts and prayers daily. Diana F.
Staten Island, NY

Brought Me Comfort and Hope 5/30/2007
I went to my reading with Bobby with an open mind.  I figured whoever wanted to send a message I would be receptive.  I did not expect to hear what I heard.  I have been struggling with certain circumstances in my life for over 6 years.  Bobby told me that everything would work out within the next several months.  I didn't know whether to cheer or cry.  He knew details about people in my life that not even my family knew about.  He is a very sincere, genuine, down to earth human being who enjoys sharing his gift with others.  He has brought me comfort and hope.  I can't wait to meet him again and felt so compelled to hug him when it was over.  Thank you is not enough sometimes.  Bobby, Thanks Again, and I hope to see you soon. Kim, Otisville 

So Precise it Was Amazing 12/21/2006
Oh my god! I think those were our exact words after the reading. My brother and I went to see Bobby today at his home for a one on one reading. From the minute he started to the minute he stopped he couldn't have been more accurate. He mentioned things that were only known to my brother and his friend Maria that passed away last year. The names,dates and descriptions were so precise it was amazing. I can't say thank you enough to Bobby for the closure he gave to us. It's great to know my grandma and grandpa are around us at all times. I hope that anyone who is considering visiting a medium will go to Bobby first. You will NOT be disappointed and will be left in extreme amazement!  Scott & Eugene, Wallkill, NY

A Gift I will Cherish 11/20/2006
Bobby is an amazing medium who shared a little story about himself and made you feel comfortable. He gave me so many signs that there is another side by contacting my dad, and relatives, and friends, to give me a sign and acknlowlege this wonderous after life he can contact. It is true, it is a feeling you cannot ever describe, but when I left I felt like I just sat down with all my past realitives through my Dad.  I felt so tingeling and so excited with tears in my eyes knowing my Dad came through, and my cousin Nicole who died is with my Dad.  Bobby is gifted and like no one I ever had read me. I hope the secret doesn't get out because if everyone feels the way I did I am afaraid he will have a BIG waiting list. I can go on forever. Thank you bobby, it was a gift I will cherish. If I had a billion dollars to have another reading to feel my Dad I would do it. I am going to book another spring party.  EW, Forked River, NJ

Helped me solve my sister's murder 10/7/2006
Bobby helped me more than I can ever say.  He helped me solve my sister's murder on more than one session, through phone readings and in person. He knew names, dates, birthdays, and dates of their passings. I will never forget all that I was blessed to hear from him through my sister who I had not  had contact with since she died. Thank you for the closure and validation I needed and waited for so long, thank you.  Joanne Wells, Manalapan, NJ

Accurate and Specific 6/23/2006
My wife and I visited Bobby and went with a certain degree of skepticism but with open minds at the same time. From the outset of our reading until the time we left, Bobby was so accurate and specific with the messages and connection he had with our recently passed daughter and other loved ones that we left with no doubt, absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that he could genuinely communicate with their spirits. Although our sense of loss and pain is still immense, our visit with Bobby has done much to temper our saddness with the knowledge that our daughter's spirit will always be with us and that she is surrounded by loved ones and family members.  We can never thank him enough for the wonderful gift he gave us. More than anything else, we left with the firm belief that our daughter is in a better place and that we will be with her again someday.  Hank Picariello, LaGrange, NY

True Gift From God 6/19/2006
Amazing!!!  Bobby told me names, dates and issues that only someone with a true gift from God could know.  His accuracy is amazing.  My father passed away very early, before my children were born.  I always wished he could see his grandchildren (4 kids under 8 years old).  After speaking to Bobby, I now have peace of mind that Grandpa is watching over them each and everyday. God Bless you Bobby............ You are truly a gifted person.
Vinny,  Long Island, NY (Phone Reading)

Gave me...Happiness and Peace 4/19/2006
I'm still laughing and enjoying the things Bobby said during my reading.  He was accurate in the names of family members (all unusual names) and gave me a sense of happiness and peace to know that my loved ones truly are there/here with us every day.  That they are happy and with their borthers and sisters.  So many funny & true things came through - I look forward to another reading and bringing more family members to experience the joy. MEL, Columbus, NJ

Bobby's Gift is From God 4/17/2006
Amazing! I wasn't sure what to expect but I so wanted to hear that my son was finally happy and at peace. I wrote down what he said, and everything he said adds up! I felt my son's personality come through. It felt as if I had gotten a phone call from my Derek! In the Bible it talks about "gifts" and I do believe Bobby's gift is from God! Thank you Bobby and I do hope to have another reading in the near future. This time I will have my questions written down! I wish I could do the reading in person so I could give you a hug in person for the gift you have given me.  Shirley, Austin Texas (phone reading) 

Left Me Smiling 3/27/2006
Fantastic! I wish I had written down questions before I spoke to him so I would not have forgotten any, but the reading was on the money and it left me smiling at the end! He is the real deal....Thanks :)  Nicole, NJ (Phone Reading)

Being Watched Over 3/20/2006
I have had three readings with Bobby and have come away from each one feeling comforted and more at ease with the things that are going on in my life. I was amazed at how accurate he was with the things that were coming through.  It made me feel so much better to know that I wasn't alone and was being watched over by my family that has passed.  Lisa Beth S., Bethpage, NY(Phone Reading)

So Happy to Connect 3/9/2006
I was so happy to connect with my Pops. Bobby named very specific things that he couldn't possibly have known on his own - like items in my house, which proved to me that Pops was watching over me and our whole family. The strangest was when Bobby kept saying "clock"- Pops was telling him "clock". I said, "No" over and over and Bobby dropped it. Driving home from the reading, I nearly drove off the road as it hit me. I have a beautiful clock in my home office that was given to Pops upon his retirement. Julia, NJ

Very Accurate 3/9/2006
During my reading my dad came through ,and Bobby named so many of my relatives (that had very uncommon names).  He was very accurate in the names he gave me and many of the details about my life and my family.   He made me a believer!  Thanks for a wonderful reading, Bobby! Colleen L., Bedminister, NJ

An Incredible Person With an Amazing Gift 3/8/2006
Just what we needed!  My two sisters and I had a reading with Bobby and were comforted by his words.  He was able to confirm that our parents are still with us and our children.  He offered guidance from them, happy things to come, peace of mind that our decisions up to this point have been ok with them.  We know they are together along with other people that have crossed over either before or since their passing.  It was amazing!  Bobby is an incredible person with an amazing gift.  We had hoped and prayed for what Bobby was able to give us tonight.  I hope we will be lucky enough to meet with him again in the future.  We hope that Bobby finds peace in his life always and knows what a wonderful spirit he is here on our earth.  Geralyn D., Jackson, NJ

An All American Hero 2/17/2006
Bobby did a reading for me that absolutely changed my life and put me on a new path. He opened my eyes to things that I never knew or realized. He gave me the insight to believe in myself and to go after my dreams that other people thought would be impossible. I knew that bobby was genuine and sincere because he knew things about me that no one else knew. My life is now in a better place since that reading. I am very thankful to him and his gift. To me, he will always be An All American Hero! If I had never had that reading, I honestly don't know where my life would be today. I know that I am definitely on the right path in my life! Thank you bobby for being you! M., Rockland County, NY

Incredible! 1/30/2006
Bobby is the one I have been searching for, for many years.  I was amazed.  I cannot stop talking with family and friends about my reading.  It has put a part of my life at total ease.
Incredible!!!! Sue Barzelatto, Somers, NY (phone reading)

Incredibly Accurate..and so Comforting 9/1/2005
Bobby, you amazed me beyond words! I didn't want the reading to ever end and I wish I had had more time to talk to you about your gift to help me to develop mine. You are truly amazing and right on with information. Incredibly accurate, right on target and so comforting. Thank you! M.E., Nacogdoches, TX (Phone Reading)

I Felt Great 8/17/2005
Bobby is phenomenal, ( BOBBY YOU ARE THE GREATEST.)  Bobby told me things only I and my relatives from the past could have known. He gave specific names and details.  It was the best reading I have had.  When I got off the phone with him I felt great.  Bobby thank you very much. D, Lanoka Harbor, NJ (Phone Reading)

A Uniquely Gifted Medium 6/16/2005

Absolutely phenomenal.  So many precise and accurate details.  A uniquely gifted medium --straight forward with a warm and engaging manner.  Created an enormous sense of confidence and trust.  KAE, Minneapolis, MN  (Phone Reading)

Readings Are Always On Target 6/15/2005
Bobby you were wonderful!  Everything you spoke to me about helped me feel so much better.  Your readings are always on target.   I love knowing that my parents are around me! And thanks for the information about Bill! SS, New Hyde Park, NY (Phone Reading)

His Accuracy Is Incredible 6/14/2005
I was so very nervous about the reading, as I have never done this before.  The phone rang, and I felt at ease immediately after hearing Bobby's voice.  I was truely amazed with the information he brought forth.  He gave names, dates and information that only I would know.  His accuracy is incredible.  I feel blessed to have been able to connect to my family that has passed over and plan on contacting Bobby again in the near future.  Thank you so much Bobby!!  L. Maxey, Bullhead City, AZ (Phone Reading)

Hit The Nail on The Head 5/30/2005
Bobby has done three total phone readings for me. The first was when I lived in Maryland, the second was after I had moved to Florida.  There was no way for Bobby to know I was the same person because
I only left my first name (on his answering machine).  Yet, the second reading was consistent with
the first, and with my family history!  Two different area codes about one year apart, and he still hit the nail on the head! Tampa, FL (Phone Reading)

He Truly Has "The Gift" 3/19/2005
This was my second time with Bobby. The first was a private reading and this was a gallery reading. My husband came through the first time, but this time my mom was there. There wasn't any way Bobby could have known the information he brought out about my mom's neighbors and my stepfather's occupation. He truly has "The Gift".  My neighbor went with me and her reading was really good for her also. Her grandmother came through to her. With thirty people in a room, it is amazing to her all the stories from the family members that try to come through for all the people in the gallery! I know I will be back to see Bobby again. PB, New Jersey

You Are Truly Amazing! 3/19/2005
I was extremely impressed by Bobby Brust's ability.  He was very accurate with names, dates and events that have been occurring recently in my life and my families lives.  Thank You Bobby, you are truly amazing! Kelly B., Bayville, NJ

Informative, Encouraging & Comforting 2/7/2005
I wanted to thank you for my reading on Feb. 7.  Everything you said to me made a lot of sense.  You spoke a lot about my 20 year old son who needed to get a job, go to school or I should use "tough love"....well I guess my Mom and Dad gave him enough signs AND...he is registering for college and will start a job tomorrow!  I guess usually after readings things that were said start to make more sense.  The information you gave me about my Dad's passing made absolute sense.  Your reading was informative, encouraging and comforting. A big "thank you" goes out to you!   Susan S., Long Island, NY  (Phone Reading)

Very Impressed With His Ability 1/25/2005
I was very impressed with a reading that Bobby gave to my sister in-law with confirmation about my Father who passed when I was two.  I booked an appointment and was very impressed with his ability to give insight and information to myself and my husband about both of our fathers, my grandfather, my uncle and many others. He had information from loved ones on what to do about an undesireable situation  with my husband's job, and about when we would be able to buy our house. I am truly grateful that he has given us further confirmation that our loved ones are still with us and continually watch over us.
KS Toms, River, NJ  (Phone Reading) 

Your a Gift From God Bobby 1/24/2005
This was my second reading with Bobby by phone.  I was impressed last year but this January he truly amazed me.  He was direct with information and names that no one would know.  I shared some info with some of my friends who I knew would be interested in Bobby's gift and one definitely had her own reading and another just made an appointment.  Being the type of person who loves to connect with my loved ones and am grateful to Bobby for being able to bring them to me.  I am also thankful for the information that he brought to me.  Much of it makes sense and some I am still awaiting to see the outcome.  Your a gift from God Bobby.  Thank you.  IB, Staten Island, NY (Phone Reading)

Extraordinarily Accurate and Precise 1/15/2005

There is no psychic medium like Bobby Brust. Losing my mother this year, after a long illness, was the most devastating experience of my life.  I could not imagine going on in this life, with any happiness, without my best friend and staunchest  ally.  My mother knew this, and after receiving many after-death communications from her, I had the "guts" to seek the assistance of psychic mediums.  I have had several readings, and none has compared to that of Bobby. He is extraordinarily accurate and precise with evidential information, such as names, dates, causes of death, contemporary occurrences in the life of the sitter, as well as providing incredible detail about the personalities of your living loved ones and
those who have passed over.  In addition to that, he is an incredibly kind, compassionate and generous person, who afforded me the opportunity of an immediate phone reading after he heard my phone message pleading for his help, but especially, he said, at the relentless insistence of my mother's spirit to come to my assistance and give me the reading immediately.  What a gift that was from Bobby, as well as my mother.  God bless you, Bobby, and thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Leslie A., NY (phone reading)

My Loved Ones Are Still With Me 1/10/2005
Throughout my telephone reading Bobby continually and accurately told me the names of relatives--especially my beloved grandmother. I found it totally amazing that he knew specific and intimate  things about people and events in my life.  I kept asking myself...how does he know that!!  It literally brought tears to my eyes to know that my loved ones are still with me. Thank you Bobby, for your gift and terrific sense of humor.  Lauren Dale Weinstein, Brooklyn, NY

Still Feel Like I'm Floating 12/23/2004
Still Floating... My son and I were lucky enough to have a reading with Bobby - invited to a private reading session by a friend.  Needless to say, its been more that two weeks and I still feel like I'm floating....a weird feeling that I can't really explain.   I waited 9 years - long years - even went all the way to Long Island to a gallery session with John Edwards Crossing Over....no such luck - ...but on December 23rd - my luck changed....Bobby connected my son and I with my dad who passed at the very young age of 55.  I was especially happy to know that he sees all my boys - especially that he sees the son who was only two months old when he passed...actually came right out with his name....I was thrilled!!!  My son that was with me is still in awe...he is interested in studying criminal justice, becoming a State Trooper....Bobby told him he knew this and that it will happen for him....After 40 minutes of completely accurate, right on information, I left my friends house floating....and I still am...thank you Bobby for taking a 9 year weight off my shoulders......
K.F., Manahawkin, NJ

Can't Say Enough Good Things 12/9/2004
I was amazed on how on the mark Bobby was.  He mentioned things no one but me and my father knew. (my dad was the one who passed)  I also took a friend who was very skeptical. Needless to say she was a believer when she walked out.  I can't say enough good things about my experience and the peace I felt after my reading. I later went back for some help quiting smoking and have been smoke free for a month!  Stacey Tobey, Kingston, NY

Perfection of His Information 12/8/2004
It was a wonderful experience. I was in awe with the perfection of his information from loved ones that have passed on. His ability is amazing!  KQ, New York

As Gifted As Gifted Gets 11/23/2004
Bobby was 500% correct with everything he said.  I was in awe of his gift and found him to be a delightful person.  I will tell everyone who will listen that Bobby is as gifted as gifted gets.  May God bless this man for the comfort he gave me.  Etelle Jones, Queens, NY  (Phone Reading)

Dead (if you'll pardon the pun) On 11/1/2004
I'd forgotton my appointment on Nov. 1, 2004, so when Bobby called me I was surprised and apologetic, but I had no expectations.  He immediately validated my parents who have passed by mentioning the people I car pool with! After that, it was name after name,
he even saw my little tribute to my parents on my fireplace....what a nice way to start the holidays!  My message is to encourage those who may be "difficult" to read which was the case with me.  Twice prior Bobby stuck with it for me, but no hits.  He was so nice and concerned he even telephoned me at work to try again.  I waited a year, (forgot the
appointment, (but don't do that) and BAM!, dead (if you'll pardon the pun) on........
Thanks Bobby.  I hope to talk to you soon.  Pocono Pat, Pocono Mountains (Telephone Reading)

Truly An Amazing Man 10/26/2004

My husband and I truly enjoyed talking with Bobby on the phone, he was able to put our mind at ease about the strange happenings in our home.  We later were able to research about things that were said about previous occupants of the house, and of course it all match up! Bobby is truly an amazing man.   Jessica A, Kingston, NY 

He Is An Amazing Human Being! 10/24/2004

He is an AMAZING HUMAN BEING!  Very down to earth, genuine, kind person.  I can't wait till we meet again!  He hit the mark with everything!  Very precise reading.  I'm so glad that  I was able to sit with him!  I never wanted to leave his side!  It was a wonderful experience!  Michele, Saugerties, NY

His Comments Could Have Only Been Known by Our Loved Ones 8/23/2004
Bobby was so right on with all of the names and statements he made!  It was so good to hear the comments about all of our loved ones that have passed.  Many of his comments could have only been known by our loved ones including a leaky refrigerator from my mother-in-law. Thank you so much for sharing your abilities.   I look forward to my next reading.  Donna M, Maspeth, NY

A Wonderful Experience 8/21/2004
I was amazed at how much Bobby knew.  I never thought a reading would be so exciting as it was.  Bobby had dates, names, facts, etc. that were unbelievable! It was truly a wonderful experience.  I can't wait for my next reading with him.  LD,  Brick, NJ

He Made Me a Believer 8/14/2004

I had heard how accurate Bobby was from a friend who had him down the Jersey Shore for a group reading.  Always the skeptic, I need to see and hear for myself.  After playing "phone tag" trying to reach him - he personally called me back!  He immediatly began to "read" me (this was not a phone reading, only an appointment call) because my dearly departed couldn't wait to get a message to me, and if I know my Mom, patience was NEVER her strong suit. Well, he made me a believer.  I went to an Atlantic City Conference Center a few weeks later for a private reading.  My daughter and girlfriend were supposed to be read also but at the last minute they had to cancel.  Armed with only some pictures, Bobby was able to do a dead-on reading for both my daughter and friend.  As for me, well, I'm completely blown away. But more importantly, Bobby connected me to my beloved parents whom I miss terribly, and many other family members that have passed.  I am now looking forward to having Bobby do a group reading for me and my friends.             PS - Besides being so wonderfully gifted, Bobby is one hell of a nice guy!
Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Enjoyed Bobby's Reading 8/14/2004

 I enjoyed Bobby's reading and was very happy to hear that my father saw my boyfriend as a good man. He was right on about everything. Thank you! AD, CMCH, NJ

It Was Right On 7/16/2004

"It was right on.  He told me things that he could only know by contacting my loved ones on the other side."   Barry G. Kingston, NY

Very Specific Information as Validation 5/21/2004
This was my second one-on-one with Bobby Brust. I continue to be amazed at his talent! He's also a sweet, caring, considerate, sensitive person. He has been able to give me so many pieces of very specific information as validation of his ability.  This information has been so comforting in many ways.  The realization and proof that we don't "lose" loved ones and that they can still share our lives with us is very important to me. My sincere wish for his continued success! JM, Howell, NJ

Deeply Heart Warming 4/15/2004

My reading with bobby was deeply heart warming. His accuracy of names and dates was mind blowing... It was so comforting to have the valadition that our loved ones are also near.....It makes the grief bearable .......Sue Martello Garabo, Stony Point, N.Y.

Touched on so Many Things 3/23/2004

"I have just had my first reading with Bobby.  He had brought my mother through, who, as Bobby told me, passed away during the Holidays.  He touched on so many things that I didn't think even my mother would have known about.  I found his reading to be more of a lesson to me, through my mother, of the lessons she didn't learn in her life, but did after she crossed."  MH ORLANDO

Information I Received...Was True 3/21/2004
I was very happy with my reading with Bobby Brust.  All the information I received from Bobby was true.  I was very happy and would have another reading. JT, Lanoka Harbor, NJ

Tremendous Comfort 3/20/2004

"Bobby was extremely effective; reminding me, through validation, of the other plane in which our infinite souls exist timelessly. This is a tremendous comfort for anyone bearing the crushing weight of painful loss in this life. I am now more conscious and aware of all of my loved ones together, in the place to which I will return....in due course!"  LK Howell, NJ 

Warm and Light Hearted Person 3/20/2004

I thought Bobby's reading was outstanding. He was able to touch on exactly what my heart wanted to hear.  I was able to have closure in relation to a loved one's passing and move on with positive thoughts and memories. I also feel that Bobby is  a very warm and light hearted person who makes your reading both comfortable as well as enjoyable. I would recomend him to anyone searching to find an answer that keeps them from healing. He is a very nice man.  KF, Forked River, NJ

Everything Was so Accurate 3/20/2004

"My reading was amazing. It was the first time I had ever had any kind of psychic reading and I couldn't believe how true everything was!  I never said why I had come. I was amazed to hear from my husband who passed away very recently. Everything was so accurate, that I knew my husband truly was there. I want to have more readings to see if other family members will speak to me. Bobby has a wonderful gift."  PB

Always Consistent 3/20/2004
Bobby is great!  This is my third reading with him over the past year and a half and he is always consistent and right onthe mark with things.  I have lost my Mom, Dad, and Mother-in-law, all in a short period of time and Bobby has given me so much comfort through his readngs!  Sue, Cedar Run, NJ

Validation After Validation 3/13/2004

"The best way to describe the reading was amazing.  We were going for emergency treatment and ended up getting a psychic healing as well.  Not knowing who Bobby was or what he did, my son and I experienced the most amazing time of our life.  My dad had just passed a few weeks ago and I had been hoping and praying that he was O.K.  Out of the blue, validation after validation, Bobby not only spoke about things only my dad would know, he also gave me solid proof by validating things that only my family would understand.  I look forward to booking a "scheduled" reading with Bobby for my family.  He brought such peace to me and my family, and will always be in our prayers.  Thank you so very much!!"  Lisa & Mike Ryan,  Hicksville, NY

Opportunity of a Lifetime! 3/4/2004

"I am completely amazed and convinced.  I was skeptical going in, but left with a feeling I have never experienced before. It was truly an amazing experience.  Thanks Bobby for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime!"  Michele B., Cream Ridge, NJ

The Names Could Not Have Been Clearer 2/26/2004

"I had an unbelieveable reading. It was very real and true. The names could not have been any clearer. Thank You for a wonderful reading."  Patti Brady

On The Money With Everything 2/25/2004

"Bobby's reading was so on the money. I was floored by certain things that came out of my reading. He was on the money with everything. There were a few things that I couldn't validate exactly at that time but when I checked with family members i got the validation I needed. I need to see him again because I am a bit unsetteled with some loved ones deaths because of accidents. I don't know if anything would come out about the accidents but I feel if anyone would be able to get that info out Bobby could do that, if it is meant to be. Thanks again Bobby and I hope I can get past the certain passing of 2 particular loved ones."   Debbie G. Brick, NJ

Bless You Bobby! 2/21/2004

"My husband & I saw Bobby tonight and he was everything I heard about and more. What a sincere, caring, person. BLESS YOU BOBBY! "   Marilyn Toms River N.J.

He Has Left Me At Ease 2/18/2004

"Bobbys reading are amazing. At first I thought it was a hoax but when things came out that only my deceased father knew & my grandmother I became a believer. He has left me at ease about something. Thank you Bobby!"   Toms River,NJ

Bone Chilling and Shocking 1/23/2004
Bobby's readings are completely accurate. The details he knew about certain things that happened to me were bone-chilling and shocking.  He is right on with names and dates but also with details about my deceased loved ones as well as my family on this side.  There's truly no one like him in the world.  Well worth every single penny. DF, Saugerties, NY

Pushed Me Out of My Morning 10/1/2003

"I brought my girlfriend for a reading and I waited in the car. My girlfriend ran out to the car to tell me my father had shown up for her reading.  Shakingly, I went in not knowing what to expect and unexpectedly there was a connection and a presence of my father Paul. He had passed away a year before. His presence was made known through references to my new Mustang, the grief my family was feeling. The incredible reading pushed me out of my morning."  Bernadette D., Highland

Bobby's Gift Brings Peace 9/27/2003

"God gives each of us gifts. Bobby's gift is one that brings the peace and comfort of knowing that loved ones who have passed are together with other loved ones, and are ever present in our lives. It is impossible to be anything but amazed and grateful for Bobby's gift!   Carol B., Roxbury, New York

Bobby's Gift Brings Peace and Comfort 9/27/2003

"God gives each of us gifts. Bobby's gift is one that brings the peace and comfort of knowing that loved ones who have passed are together with other loved ones, and are ever present in our lives. It is impossible to be anything but
amazed and grateful for Bobby's gift!"  Carol B. Roxbury, NY 

My Grandmother Never Really Left My Side 7/28/2003

"Bobby Brust was wonderful in my reading. He told me things that only my grandmother would know. I can honestly say that I walk away from this experience with the comfort of knowing that my grandmother never really left my side and that makes my world a better place. Thank you Bobby I hope you always continue to help and bring closure to people who need it. BLESS YOU!"   Jeanette, Glen Cove, NY

Detailed..Honest..Amazing..This is no Hoax 7/14/2003

"I'm still shaking and the hairs on the back of my neck stand at full attention..detailed...honest...amazing...this is no hoax...a huge weight has been lifted off my heart...thanks bobby  :o)"    Donna P.,  M'ville NY

Far Surpasses Anyone on TV Today 7/8/2003

"Both my daughter and I have had readings at different times with amazing results. There is no way Bobby could know the very personal information he gave us without contact with our deceased relatives and friends. He is truly the best and far surpasses anyone on TV today. The peace and comfort he has brought to us and our family is immeasurable and we are eternally grateful."  E. Geller

Readings With Well Known Mediums Don't Compare 5/15/2003

"Bobby is so incredible. I have had readings with some of the well known mediums and they don't compare to the details and information Bobby comes through with. He is truly amazing."   K.Kubalak, Cresco, PA

Well Known Mediums Don't Compare 5/15/2003

"Bobby is so incredible. I have had readings with some of the well known mediums and they don't compare to the details and information Bobby comes through with.  He is truly amazing "  K. Kubalak Cresco, Pa 

He's The Genuine Article 10/11/2002

"My reading with Bobby was fantastic! It truly surpassed my greatest expectations. He gave names and little details no one could know about. He's the genuine article!"  J.G   Wantagh, NY

Couldn't Make This Stuff Up 1/28/2001

I had called Bobby to make an appointment for a reading and he just began reading me over the phone!  I hadn't quite mastered getting through my mother's death, but after this reading I was fine. Bobby assured me that ALL of my loved ones were together, he told me WHERE and What they were doing. You couldn't make this stuff up. Only my family would be hanging out in a basement bar in North Jersey! What amazed me so much was that Bobby told me that my mom was aware of the daily activities in our home. That blew me away. Nothing was vague..I swear, the information I recieved could not have applied to anyone else! All of this, and Bobby never cashed the check I sent him. I willl be forever grateful to Bobby and pray that I get to meet him in person one day. May all of the peace you have brought to others be returned to you, Bobby. Thank you, truly.  JS, Point Pleasant, NJ (Phone reading)