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Psychic Medium Bobby Brust

Many people consult a Psychic Medium to connect with loved ones on the other side, but even more do so to learn about their own lives: about the present and the future and, at times, about the past.

During a reading, Bobby uses his psychic abilities while transmitting loving insights about our lives that the Spirit world sees fit to share with us.

Owing to the fact that Bobby Brust is a Psychic Medium, when working, he uses both his psychic abilities as well as the insight from the Spirits that surround our lives. These Spirits are, most notably, ancestors and loved ones who have crossed over, whose fervent wish from the other side is for our happiness and well being in life.

Discovered to have this gift when he was a child, Bobby is famous for the amazing amount of detail in his readings. The readings are specific; Bobby validates loved ones with names, dates, occupations and information that one could not begin to 'Google.' Clients are in awe when Bobby tells clients he reads things that were known only to them (and perhaps to a loved one on the other side.)

Bobby is known for his generosity with his gift, both in the length of time of his readings and in his fee. A kind soul, Bobby has brought life affirming comfort, insight and joy into the lives of those he has read.

Bobby Brust has cultivated an international following. Some of his clients are known throughout world and others are just plain folks.

"All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums."                     Bobby Brust