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Bobby Brust is a psychic medium who has helped many people.  He can help you to contact your departed loved ones on the other side - allowing you to know that life really does goes on!  He is precise with names, dates, events, and has astonished many people with his abilities. They have called him amazing, astonishing, unbelieveable.....   Bobby works on unsolved crimes, and helps with missing person cases, as well as doing private, phone and group readings. He can help you get answers to the unanswerable!

Bobby Brust is a natural born psychic with a tremendously high accuracy rate.
No one is 100% correct....the position of God has already been filled!  But you will find him to be down to earth and compassionate as he helps you get the closure and answers you seek.

Originally from Queens, New York, Bobby was born into a family with natural psychic abilities. He has had abilities since he was a child, and ever since he discovered the extent of these amazing talents, he has endeavored to help as many people as possible. He has developed an extensive following in many of the United States, in Canada and Europe. Among his clientele are many famous celebrities including BBC personalities, famous singers, actors, and actresses, along with just normal folk.

"All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums."                     Bobby Brust